A pair of good friends is like a pair of scissors.
Sometimes close and sometimes far; but will destroy anyone who comes between them!
Remembering you, my dear friend! . . . . . . . . . . . . beautiful lovely sms for friend and buddy

The real problem does not start when a boy starts looking at beautiful girl.
It begins when she turn back and gives a sweet - killing smile.

MY Swëët
! ,_,_,_,_,_)
! !_,_,_,
! _,_,_,)R I E N D
! ! O R E V E R

A red rõse says - I lõve yõu"
A smile says - I like yõu"
A ring says - I am engaged
But a small sms says
I remember u, I miss u....

Life is like Cricket.
Don't lose your wicket;
Try to score a century;
Never forget your boundary N six;
And if you get out, never get put off because God is the 3rd umpire!
Good day! . . . . . . . . . . . .beautiful sms for good and happy life

CHAMPIONS are not made in the gyms.
CHAMPIONS are made from something
that they have deep inside them -
A DREAM, A DESIRE, A VISION. » Success Mantra » best Success quotes ever
-muhammad ali

The plus symbol is made with 2 minus symbols. So all Negative things can be shaped as Positives by our Positive thinking! have a beautiful lovely morning!

Nothings R Free In This World, Including My sms.

So, I Have Decided To Charge For My sms & The Cost Is..

UR beautiful N lovely smile

Pay a beautiful Smile.......Good Night_\'@'/_Sweet Dreams

TIME jesë REGULAR banö,
RØSE jesë FRESH rahö,
FLOWER jesë SØFT rahö,
PATTHAR jesë STRØNG banö.&
MERE jese "SMART" banö.
I knöw MUSHKIL hai. par TRY tö karö. new jokes

Love special- 3 guys proposed a girl
1st guy : I cn die 4 u
Girl : every1 says that
2 guy: I cn bring u a star N moon from d sky.
Girl: very old dialogue
3rd guy : I cn give u my facebook password and my mobile
G irl (tears in eyes) : Hugged 3d boy and said - crazy... Itna pyar karta hai mere se..........

('v') ('v')
(( )) (( ))
-"--"- "-"-"-
1"BaaT kahni hai
Kaan idhar"Karo

('v')<' )
(( ))(/ /)-

Zaruri Nahi Agar Me Aapko,
sms/msgs Bheju To Aap Bi Muje sms Hi Bheje.
Aap Muje Friz, t.v, bike, car, SUV cars
mobile, cash Ya Fir apna credit card Bhi Bhej Sakte Ho.

RONAYSe Chehare Par Pimple Padate H
TENSIONSe Wrinkle Padate H
Islye Sada Muskurao
MusKuraneSe Chehre Par DIMPLE Padate H.

Santa;-My Wife Died Yesterday.. I'm Trying To Cry But Tears Are Not Come Out, What To Do?
Banta;-No ProbLem. Just Imagine She Came Back . . . . . . . . . . . . clean jokes

Holiday: It's a day when a man stops doing what his Boss wants and starts doing what his Wife/girlfriend/beloved wants! . . . .clean jokes

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Always trust yourself.
Good morning! Hv Great DaY !

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