The key to "Happiness" is not that you NEVER get Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Irritated or Depressed..
Its how FAST u Get Out of all that.

To make a kg of honey,bees hv 2 visit four million
Flowers,travelling 4 times around the world.
Thank god I can reach d
Sweetest person on earth by just a sms........

Normaly, Whn people ask,
"How did ur frnshp begin?"
They tend 2 narrate a long story ;
4 me, itz juz a sentnce,
" U Found Me, whn I ws Lukin 4 U ".

Only U can make tis world seem right
Only U can make D darkness bright
Only U Can make Romantic Day 'N' Nite
B always by my side, Never go far from my sight

Ur sms is electrical activity of my heart
Ur miss call is beat of my heart
Ur call is blood circulation of my heart
So, please keep activate my heart
My Girl, My sweetheart

Like the flower waiting to bloom....
Like the light bulb in the dark room....
Like the desert waiting for rain....
Waiting Ur reply to be My Girlfriend

I need a perfect friend
2 get me through D day,
Some1 who's always there
2 say that it's okay.
A silent thought,
a secret tear,
always wishing that u r always near..
Life goes on its true..
But its hard to imagine life without a friend like YOU...

I MISS YOU in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of Time &
In every moment of the Day N Night!
Be My love to make my life bright

Friendship rules: No Excuse No Sorry No Thanks Don¿t say I m busy Always say, Jani hukum karo Apke liye jan bhi hazir hai,Denge nhi wo alg bat hai.

Everytime I Hear My Message Tone.
I Always Hope It Comes From U.
My Phone Has Limited Memory,
But My Heart Has Unlimitd Space 4 A sweet PERSON Like u.

Life dose not provide Warranties N Guarantees. It only provides Possibilities N Opportunities, Don't miss them,Make BEST of it.

Try to prove that You are Rigth but Never attempt to prove that Others are Wrong.

Beauty just Gets attention but Persnality Captures the heart.

It Feels Good To Stand On Ground And Watch Up High at Your Aim.....
But It Feels Best When U Stand Up High And Others Watch U as Their Aim.!

Don't think why
God does not grant all our wishes immediately,
Thank God ,that he doesn't punish us immediately for all our mistakes..

Mehnat Lagti H Sapno Ko Sach Bnane Me,
Housla Lagta H Bulandio Ko Pane Me
Barso Lagte H Zindgi Bnane Me
Aur Zindgi fir b Kam Padti H RISHTE Nibhane Me..........think positive quotes in hindi

Khusiya milti nai magne se
Manjil milti nhi rah par ruk jane se
Bharosa rakhana khud par or us RAB par
Sab kuch deta h wo sahi waqt ane par..........think positive quotes in hindi

Samne ho manzil to raste na modna,
jo man me ho wo khwab na todna,
har kadam pe milegi kamyabi aapko bus sitare chhune ke liye kabhi jamin na chhodna.....

Every problem in Life is like a race &
it has only 2 solutions :
1. Bhaag Lo (run away)
2. Bhaag Lo (Participate)
Choice is yours !

The best things in life are FREE.
Family, Friends, Smiles, Hugs, Kisses, Nature, Oxygen, Love, Sleep and Good Memories...

A relationship is like Taj Mahal. Everybody wonders how beautiful it is! But no one understands how difficult it was to build!

Never think hard about the past, it brings Tears;
Don't think more about the future, it brings Fears;
Live this moment with a smile as it brings Cheers!

When one doesn't learn lessons at the right time, life teaches the same lessons at the wrong time.

Real Richness is When
You Are So,
E X P E N s I V E
No 0ne Can Buy Your,
C H A R A c T E R.

L Uskurao
! _ Anso
!__! !__!
Har Pal..
L"""" /
L D ) )
!___/ IL Se.
Kyon K Muskrana Hi Zindagi Hai..

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