All of our Politicians are
playing KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)
in reverse manner ....
They make crores and crores
first and then answer
the questions later.

Ram eliminated Ravan (R=R)
Krishna eliminated Kansa (K=K)
Godse eliminated Gandhi (G=G)
Obama eliminated Osama (O=O)
Is there gonna be some connection between Corruption and Congress (C=C)?

I told my wife, I have 12 rupees... Let's go out for dinner tonight.
She printed a "Congress Symbol" on my face!

2015 Delhi election results:
BAAP : 34
AAP : 26
PAAP : 8

Delhi election results have made History... a male has beaten a female with a broom!

Seeing the current scenario in India, we need to change the names of the leading newspapers to
Hindustan Crimes
The Indian Depress
The Bad Times of India
Dainik Torture and
DNA (Do Not Ask)!...................... indian political jokes

What does 1$ buy you today?
Masala Dosa and Coke.
What does 1 Rupee buy you?
Only a video on Airtel showing how to cook the Masala Dosa!

Rajiv Gandi Yamlok me baite the, Wo achanak hans pade funny sms in hindi
Indira Gandi-Kyo hanse?
Rajiv: Soniya se Shaadi maine ki,
par bechara MANMOHAN SINGH bhugat raha hai! jokes

minister : bomb blast me marne walo ko 5 lakh aur zakhmiyo ko 3 lakh denge ,
santa : mera baap pahle zakhmi hua fir mar gaya. hamara 8 lakh banta hai .......................funny jokes on indian politics

Every man is N_arendra Modi before marriage and Man_mohan Singh after marriage!

TV channels are showing "Aashiqui 2" on Independence Day. So be prepared to be shown 'Border' on' Valentines' day!

India is a developing country. Proof:
1. Soon we'll surpass China in terms of population.
2. Soon we'll surpass US in number of states!

I told my wife, I have 12 rupees... Let's go out for dinner tonight.
She printed a "C_ongress Symbol" on my face!

Rs 5 to hear Narendra Modi's speech wasn't a bad deal at all, considering the nation is paying a huge price for Man_mohan Singh's silence!

When one door closes another opens.
Perfect example:
Cheer leaders banned in 20-20. Dance bars to re-open in Maharashtra!

Besharmi ki hadh jahan khatam ho
jati hai
wahan se thoda aage chal kar
Right side main Congress ka office hai.

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