I dnt know where I stand wid U
& I dnt know what I mean 2 U
but all I know is everytime I think of U,
all I wanna do is be wid U all life.

Wo jo sar juka ke baithe hai,
Hamar DIL chura ke baithe hai.
Hamne unse kaha,Hamara dil Laota do ,
Toh Bole,
Hum Toh Hatho me mehdi laga ke baithe hai

sometimes we fail to understand d feelings of very close people in our life.
bcoz A BOOK HELD VERY NEAR TO EYES IZ VERY DIFFICULT TO READ.......................Love quotes for her

Dil Ki Khamoshi Se Sanson K Thehr Jane Tk,
Yad Aye Ga Muje Shakhs Wo Mar Jane Tk,
Usne Ulft K B Pemane Bna Rkhe Thy,
Maine Chaha Tha Usy Had Se Guzr Jane Tk….

tumse pyar karke main deewano mein shamil hua,
pal pal teri yad mein jalkar parwano mein shamil hua,
jis anjam ke hone se darta tha usi ka shikar hua,
aakhir teri barat mein barati bankar shamil hua.

Let your sweetheart know who stays on your mind all day, night and every moment in between with cute love quotes/love quotes for her.

Best Status in Facebook
I came 4 friendship but
U take my heart my away

1 Of D Best Love Quote Ever Said:
I Have Written Her Name
On My Heart
Because God Didn't Write Her Name
In My Destiny.

Wen a Girl cries for a Guy,
It means she really Misses him.
But wen a Guy cries for a Girl,
It means no 1 can Love that Girl more than him !! `*`Love quotes for her`*`

A sweet line, said by a girlfriend 2 her boyfriend:
Life is not interesting, If U R not interested 1.

I wish I was a tear drop,
Born in ur eyes,
Live on ur cheek
Die on ur lips.

If some1 would ask me wat a Beautiful life means.
I would lean on ur shoulder and hold U close 2 me,
and answer..."Like this!!!".

Some1 who truly loves U will never
tell U that they Love U....
coz they believe in making U feel their Love rather
than making U hear their Love!......

Girl : Wat time do U go 2 sleep?
Boy : 1ly wen U go 2 sleep.
Girl : Why 1ly wen I sleep?
Boy : Cause then I'll have no reason to be awake.

Believe me, U R D 1,
Whom my heart finds,
Whom my mind reminds me of,
Whom my destiny wants,
Whom I love D most. _____``* true love quotes * ``

Sweet love story!!!
A Small Boy n Girl were Playing HIDE N SEEK.
She sent SMS: If u find me, You can marry me..
If You cant, i wont tell u that im hiding near the door

I wanna be remembered as the boy who always smiled.
the one who could always brighten your day.
even if he couldnt brighten her own

A blind gal told her lover she will marry him if she could c D world.
1 day some1 donated D eyes 2 her N she went 2 c her lover but
found tht he was blind. She changed her mind n rejected him.
D guy said, "pls look aft my eyes 4 me" _____``* true love quotes * ``

Girl: I hate d fact that u r taller than me
Boy: trust me there is an advantage in ......it
Gal: wat?
Boy: Whn I hug U, U can listen to my heart which beats only 4 u

Kash tera ghar mere ghar ke samne hota?
tu na aata to kya hua teri awaz to aaya karti…..

Bohut dur ho mager bahut pass rahty ho…
Aankhon se dur sahi…
Mager dil ka pass rehty ho…
Mujhe bas itna batao …
Kya tum bi mera bina udas rehty h

Girl: How do I know if a boy loves me?
Boy: It depends on how he treats U.
Girl: How should he treat me if he loves me?
Boy: Well, can he treat you like i treat you?
Girl: Not at all...
Boy: Then he doesn't truly love you.

Girl: U know wat kind of wedding I want?
Boy: No, what kind?
Girl: I’ve always dreamt of a big wedding, in a place filled with flowers and friends.
Boy: That’s nice..
Girl: Yeah, so wat kind of wedding do U want?
Boy: 1 that would make U my wife...

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