Hope is sweet.
Hope is illumining.
Hope is fulfilling.
Hope can be everlasting.
Therefore, do not give up hope
Even in the sunset of your life.

"Do your Best, Hope for the Best N Prepare for the Worst"

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

A man falls in LOVE through his eyes, a women through her ears.

"Time is the most elastic element of the world" because it increases when we are Waiting & Decreases when we are Enjoying..

2 GET & 2 GIVE" creates tooo many problems but.....
just DOUBLE IT 4 GET" & 4 GIVE" solves all the PROBLEMS
..... simple maths........

The Best relationship are win win I win, you lose- I win only once, You win, I lose- You win only one, We both Win- We win many times, We both lose- Goodbye relationship.

Do not be so sweet that people will eat you up, not so bitter that they will spit you out.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child & the smiling faces. Smell the rain & feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential & fight for your dreams.

Evryones Life starts wid full bag of luck N Fortune
& an empty bag of experience
Trick is 2 fill d bag of xperience
before d Luck runs out

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.............

:: Life SMS in Hindi ::

Zindgi to sabhi k liye wahi Rangeen kitab hai, Fark to bas itna hai, ki Kisi ne har panne ko dil se padha aur kisi ne bus panne palat liye.

ek bar jab aap asha ka daman tham lete hain to sab kush sambhaw ho jat hai.

Jaise taro ke sath aakas hai. vese hi sacche risto ke sath vishwas hai. Dil ki najron se dhundoge agar to aapko lagega ki koi h jo hr pal aapke sath hai.

Koshis karo koi apse na ruthe,zindegi me apno ka sath na chhute,rista koi bhi ho use aise nibhao ki us rishte ki dor zindegi bhar na tute.

Nvr waste time for sm1 who doesnt even bother spendng time 4 u....be wid sm1 who wil say..."time is wasted if im nt wid u...

:: SMS LIFE ::

4 main things in Life............

Friendship :- Take it,never leave it.
Love:- Share it, never keep it.
Respect :- Earn it,never ask for it....
Trust:- Make it, never break it..

never be sad for mising whatever u expected! but be happy for that ! bcoz god has planned 2 give another one better than u expected

If road is beautiful, then worry about destination but if destination is beautiful,
then don't worry about road...........

When Iron gets Hot you can mold it in any shape, Never loose your temper
or else, Unless people will mold you the way they want..

Sometimes you have to let go of the life you had planned in order to see the life that is waiting for you......

Never believe on the kinds deeds by an enemy bcoz No matter how hot the water is, IT puts off the fire?.!

Man Askd a Sculptor: How can U Make Such Beautiful Idols 4rm Rough Stones?
He Replied: 'Idols & Images R Already Hidden There.
I Remove only da Unwanted peices part 4rm d Stone.'
U Just need 2 Remove Ur WORRIES..

Its said dat whn u laugh
Ur praying to God..
whn u make others laugh
thn God himself, PRAYS 4 U..
Stay happy
& be the reason 4 other's happines.

Life ke har pal ko khushi se beetao .
Rone ka time kaha?
Sirf muskuraao. Chahe ye duniya kahe
pagal ya aawara bas yaad

Ek pehchan hazar dost bana Deti Hai.........best life sms in hindi
Ek muskan hazaro gam bhula deti hai
Zindagi ke safar main SambhaL kar
chalna Ek galat femi
Hazaro sapno ko jala deti hai.

Raise the level of your words but not the voice. . . . ....best life sms
For it is the rain that grows flowers and not the thunder!

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